Contract Law Attorney

Contract LawMrs. Schwent is an experienced contract law attorney, drafting and representing her clients pertaining to construction law contracts, business to business contracts, real estate purchase contracts, and real estate sale agreements, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, asset sale, and asset purchase agreements, partnership agreements, and commercial property lease agreements.

Drafting a contract is an art form. When drafting, reviewing, or modifying a contract for her clients prior to signature, Mrs. Schwent takes a proactive approach to avoid future litigation. Because a misunderstanding between the parties to the contract frequently results in litigation, Mrs. Schwent employs clarity in her choice of contract terms and is as thorough as possible in anticipating possible contingent events.

Some people believe that no contract is necessary if a business deal is between friends or family members. However, often that is when a detailed and carefully prepared contract is extremely necessary to protect the treasured relationship between the parties and make each party’s expectations and commitments perfectly clear.

Avoiding future conflict can best be done with a thorough and thoughtfully written agreement which is signed by the parties at the beginning of their business relationship.

Whether you are dealing with a friend, family member, business associate, or an absolute stranger, a well-written contract will serve to protect your interests and lessen the chance of future conflict.

Mrs. Schwent is experienced in contract negotiation, the drafting of contracts, contract review and modification, and contract litigation. She has represented businesses as well as individuals with contract needs.

Let Mrs. Schwent’s over 43 years of experience in this legal field work for you. Call the office today to schedule an appointment.