Family Law & Divorce/Child Custody Attorney

Family Law & Divorce/Child Custody AttorneyPerhaps more than any other field of law, Family Law is personal, emotionally difficult at times, and the legal outcomes often matter to clients far beyond any money which may be at stake. We understand our clients’ concerns and provide them with responsive personal service. We provide individualized attention to our clients’ needs, knowing that any litigation, but especially any family law case is stressful.

We strive to return any phone calls and respond to email from our clients promptly. We keep our clients informed as the legal case progresses so that they will have the information they need when it becomes necessary for them to make decisions in their case.

One of the most common Family Law matters is Divorce, known also as Dissolution of Marriage. Each divorce is different, and they all entail the resolution of many complex issues. When a marriage ends, it terminates a legal relationship between two people. Every aspect of their union will have to be separated. Their property (both real property and personal property) will have to be divided. All of their debts will have to be disposed of.

If there are children, one of the parents will have to be named the residential parent, which will establish the children’s address for mailing and educational purposes.

Also time spent with the children will also have to be divided between the parents. In Missouri there is a presumption that it usually is in the best interest of the children that they continue to have substantial and continuing contact with both parents. But, depending upon the circumstances of the family members, legal and physical custody of the children will be assigned to one or shared by both parents as the court determines is in the children’s best interest.

Our office handles not only divorce cases, but also handles dissolution modification proceedings, paternity and father’s rights matters, custody cases, parental relocation issues, child support modifications, emancipation questions, grandparents’ rights, third party custody matters, enforcement of prior court orders, co-habitation agreements, prenuptial agreements, property division, and spousal support also known as alimony.

In each family law case, the circumstances of the various family members differ, their assets, incomes and needs differ, and thus each case is unique.

The first step in getting your divorce will be to set up a personal meeting with Mrs. Schwent. During that meeting you will discuss your legal problem, the outcome you hope to achieve, the legal issues involved, any obstacles you may encounter, and how our fee and billing process works. Let us help you with your family law matter. Call to set up your consultation with Mrs. Schwent today.