Traffic Lawyer in Jefferson County, Missouri

Traffic LawMichele Kaido Schwent, serving Jefferson County, Missouri has over 43 years of experience of successfully handling traffic law cases for clients in order to minimize fines, convictions, points and court appearances.

As an experienced Traffic Lawyer, she and her law office staff handles Traffic Law Cases including:

  • Traffic ticket cases
  • Stop sign tickets
  • Warrant cases
  • Speeding ticket cases
  • Driving while suspended
  • Construction zone tickets
  • Failure to appear warrants
  • Red light camera tickets
  • Improper lane use tickets
  • Careless and imprudent driving
  • No insurance
  • Possession of controlled substance and/or marijuana cases
  • Minor in possession cases
  • And other minor violations ticketed by the highway patrol or various municipal police departments.

We can help you avoid taking traffic violation points and expensive insurance increases. In most cases, the traffic lawyer makes all Court appearances so you never have to come to Court! We handle any Missouri traffic ticket from stop sign violations to careless and imprudent, whether it is a Jefferson County traffic ticket or State level Missouri speeding ticket case.

Contact Schwent Law Firm before you decide to plead guilty and take a conviction on your driver record or criminal record.