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As a General Practice Lawyer in Jefferson County Missouri, Mrs. Schwent has handled a wide variety of legal matters during her 43+ years of experience. Some of the legal services she has performed include:

Business Law Matters

Owning a business has its rewards and challenges. The Schwent Law Firm has over 43 years’ experience helping Jefferson County, MO businesses with business formation, document preparation, real estate issues, and various transactions including contract negotiation, preparation, and review. Having represented a wide range of businesses including medical professionals, construction companies, and other Missouri businesses, Schwent Law Firm is prepared to assist the business owner in the choice of business entity, corporate and LLC formation, drafting contracts, licenses and leases, reviewing and drafting partnership agreements, by-law adoption, supplier and vendor agreements, preparing corporate records, director/shareholder resolutions, corporate minutes and resolving business disputes.


Mrs. Schwent has handled private adoptions, step-parent adoptions, and agency adoptions both foreign and domestic. She finds adoption practice to be one of the most joyous parts of her law practice. If you need assistance with an adoption please contact the Schwent Law Firm.

Wills And Trusts

Mrs. Schwent has prepared simple wills and well as complex wills that are more detailed in nature and simple trust agreements for hundreds of people during her 43 years in practice. She is ready to assist you with all of your basic estate planning needs.


If you have legal a matter that pertains to a situation which is not addressed specifically on this web site, and if you believe you need a Jefferson County, Missouri lawyer and want to know if Mrs. Schwent has experience with your particular issue, please call the office and speak to a member of Schwent Law Firm at (636) 937-4994.